The first pictures of the new Boeing 797 Airliner which can take up to 1,000 passengers Over 40 seats wide with 8 aisles and a crew of 50s.

Special Correspondent

THE BOEING 797 It can comfortably fly 10,000 Miles (16,000 km) at Mach 0.88 or 654 mph (1,046 km/h) with 1,000 passengers on board.

They have kept this secret long enough. This shot was taken last month. The BOEING 797 Boeing is preparing this 1,000 passenger Jet Liner that could reshape the Air Travel Industry.

Its radical ‘Blended Wing & Fuselage’ design has been developed by Boeing in cooperation with NASA Langley Research Centre.

The mammoth aircraft will have a wing span of 265 feet compared to 211 feet of its 747, and it has been designed to fit within the newly created Air Terminals for the 555 seat Airbus A380, which is 262 feet wide.

The new 797 is Boeing’s direct response to the Airbus A380, which has racked up orders for 159 already. Boeing decided to come. for clip click here