The Paris Air Show, also known as Salon International de laeronautique et de lespace de Paris-Le Bourget is where the world goes to launch and buy planes. A host of new aircraft made their debut at the 2017 Paris Air Show.

Indian automobile giant, Mahindra ‘s Aerospace the company, part of diversified Mahindra group, has announced that its 10-seater turboprop plane Airvan 10, which was announced at a Paris Air Show, has received certification from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Special Correspondent

Aerospace said the certification would help expand its existing markets. On this occasion, Chairman and Managing Director, Anand Mahindra said proudly in twitter ”We RISE even higher. I bow low to the Mahindra Aero team that battled to propel this in the sky. Jai ho!”.

Meanwhile, Mahindra, in its press release said, “The Airvan 10, has been awarded its FAR 23 type certificate from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which was followed by the US Type Certificate being issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.” FAR 23 type certification is for small aircraft.

Mahindra Aerospace Chairman S P Shukla said the certification under stringent safety standards aligns with the group’s focus on introducing world class products in fast changing general aviation world which would be dominated significantly by turboprops in this class of aircraft. “It enhances our global reach further with a specific focus on large markets for regional connectivity such as India, USA and Africa,” he said.

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