Wrong ideas once implanted at young heart make the thought process driven to a fixed way of thinking , Care should be made while deciding the text content for school children and this been attributed by many educational scholars all along ., whereas recent news related to school texts in our society that has been summed up as wrong implantation of ideas

Wrong Seed 1 :

While CBSE only recommends books published by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), certain books from private publishers are also taught in schools affiliated to it. One Such private book titled "Health and Physical Education" written by Dr VK Sharma and published by Delhi-based New Saraswati House, is taught at various schools affiliated to CBSE . When one goes through the excerpt from the chapter "Physiology and Sports" it teaches

""36-24-36 shape of females is considered the best. That is why in Miss World or Miss Universe competitions, such type of shape is also taken into consideration," "

Special Correspondent

36-24-36 as the "best body shape for females" have created an outrage on social media with critics demanding that the text be withdrawn gone viral. However Several calls and text messages to CBSE spokesperson seeking comment on the issue went unanswered. But the agitative public ensured an FIR was eventually filed against the author and publisher.

When contacted the HRD Ministry had last month said that CBSE has no mechanism to evaluate the quality of textbooks of private publishers. “There is no mechanism to evaluate the quality of textbooks of private publishers. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has no mandate to prescribe or recommend the textbooks of private publishers in its affiliated schools,” Minister of State for HRD Upendra Kushwaha had said in response to a written question in Lok Sabha.

Wrong Seed 2 :

Earlier Excerpts from a class IV environmental science textbook that suggested students to "kill a kitten" as part of an experiment had gone viral on social media, but then it forced the publisher to withdraw it from the market.

Wrong Seed 3 :

A textbook for Class 12 students in Maharashtra lists dowry as a ‘major social problem in India. So far, so good. But the chapter takes an outrageous turn when it identifies “ugliness” and "handicap" as causes of the social ill. The chapter titled ‘Major Social Problems in India’ in a sociology textbook for the Maharashtra state board’s secondary and higher secondary students goes on to describe how "ugly women find it difficult to get married and hence the dowry culture prevails".

One section of the chapter reads: "If a girl is ugly and handicapped, then it becomes a very difficult for her to get married". "To marry such girls, bridegroom and his family demand more dowry. Parents of such girls become helpless and pay dowry as per the demands of the bridegroom’s family. It leads to rise in the practice of dowry system".

Special Correspondent

Wrong Seed 4 :

In jaipur Rajasthan the latest to come out with "beauty standards" for women is the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. A new set of textbooks introduced by the Board teaches students that a ‘beautiful complexion’ and ‘good height’ are the physical attributes needed to be a good entrepreneur.

Besides, uttam swasthya (perfect health) and shaleenta (calm), the textbook says that the physical traits needed to be a good entrepreneur include prabhavshali vyaktitva (impressive personality), acchhi oonchai (good height), sundar rang (beautiful complexion) and gambhirta (seriousness).

The new textbooks, titled Samajopayogi Yojanayein, also list out the flagship schemes of BJP governments at central and state levels. While the first two are flagship schemes of the Modi government, the latter were launched by the state’s Vasundhara Raje-led government.

Why Ruling party governments are insensitive to the texts where young hearts are made to study by-heart and register in memory for career marks . Will the government and respective ministries waken up to upheld right mind set amongst young people who is future generation of our India?

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