The BJP will win Gujarat with 112 of 182 seats, according to an aggregate of exit polls.

Special Correspondent

Gujarat has 182 seats; the BJP will get 112 seats, four less than what it won last time, says the aggregated forecast.

The poll of polls gives 70 seats to the Congress.

The BJP will win 109 of Gujarat's 182 seats is the forecast at this time by TV channel Times Now; the Congress gets 70. The forecast is nearly mirrored by that of the C-Voter-Republic poll which gives the BJP 108 seats and assigns 74 to the Congress. News X shows the BJP winning 110-120 seats. India Today shows the BJP winning 99-113 seats; News Nation gives the party 124-128 seats.

Special Correspondent

Himachal Pradesh, with a total of 68 seats, is easily won by the BJP, say different exit polls. Their aggregate -the poll of exit polls shows the BJP winning 49 of the hill state's 68 seats, which means the Congress has been ousted from yet another state that it governed.

However political analysts also remind of that Exit polls with bihar assembly election that gave BJP a clear mandate of 50% seats but bjp fared badly and could not even cross 53 seats that is just 21% of seats.