Apollo Hospitals chairman Prathap C Reddy said that former Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha was brought to the hospital in a critical state and all efforts were made to restore her health as she was suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Special Correspondent

He was reiterating the statement made by Apollo Hospitals vice chairperson, Preetha Reddy, who had said, on Friday, that former CM was brought to the hospital in a breathless state and all efforts were made to restore her health.

When questioned about releasing health bulletins that said Jayalalitha only complained of ‘fever and dehydration’, Apollo chairman said the hospital was advised to not issue any statement stating seriousness of her health fearing law and order problems due to public outrage.

“People loved her so much and had they known about her critical state, it would have been difficult to control public agitation,” he said.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an event, Mr Reddy said adequate treatment was given to Jayalalithaa at the hospital.

“After being brought to the hospital in a critical state, former CM showed significant progress in her state of health. All efforts were made to save her, however, her health deteriorated due to acute respiratory distress syndrome.”

Many questions were raised against the hospital management for not being transparent on the treatment given to the late chief minister.

The former CM was treated at the hospital for 75 days before she passed on December 5 last year. A special commission is probing the circumstances leading to the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

“As far as the inquiry in the case is concerned, we did not receive any summons from the commission. However, the hospital and doctors do not fear any summons or inquiry as we did our best to restore her health but unfortunately could not save her. We will co-operate with authorities for the inquiry if called upon to do so,” Prathap Reddy told reporters.

But law experts wonder how come the Head of government then Cheif Minister health condition reporting can be left with Private Hospital doctors.