The ruling ADMK party in India's Tamil Nadu state will change a lifesize statue of former chief minister Jayalalitha after complaints it looks nothing like her.

Special Correspondent

The bronze statue was unveiled amid great fanfare on Saturday to mark the 75th anniversary of the birth of the popular leader, who died in 2016 by her followers current Cheif Minister Palanisamy and Dy ,Cheif Minister Panner Selvam.

However, even ADMK party cadres reacted with outrage as pictures of the statue began going viral on social media.

The AIADMK has not revealed how much money it spent on the statue. Party insiders say ADMK leaders has done corruption even in their leader statue inception.

It is important to note Jayalalitha been found guilty and convicted in mis appropriate income known to her source of income but only after her death . This case known as DA case opposition leaders allege been dragged for 18 years by Jayalalitha and other accused who got convict now inclusive of her close aide sasikala who is in karnataka Jail.

The fact that Jayalalitha was the undisputed leader of the political party that commissioned the statue has led to even more ridicule and criticism.

After been ridiculed a junior minister in the Tamil Nadu government, K Pandiarajan, told media that the "necessary changes in the facial features of the statue will be made and the statue will be re-installed".

Adding to the anger is the fact that the sculptor who created the statue is not from Tamil Nadu, but the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh.

Another party official who also spoke on condition of anonymity said: "We need not have gone outside the state to get this sculpture done. We have eight centres in Tamil Nadu where people from all parts of India come to get statues made," he told media.

"It is obvious that the entire statue will have to be remade and put up. It is made of bronze. It will not be possible to change the face alone." said experts that means the statue has to removed from the place where it is been installed.