After Tuticorin Visit and press Interview where he termed Sterlite protestors as antisocial elements at airport Superstar Rajinikanth found trolled by social media at large that even affected his movie collections kala to greater extend.

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In continuation Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) founder and actor Kamal Haasan has been trolled in the social media over his comment on his stand against caste after an old video of his daughter Shruti declaring her caste reappeared online.

"I refused to fill in the caste & religion column in both my daughters' school admission certificate. That's the only way, it will pass on to the next generation. Every individual shld start contributing fr progress. Kerala started implementing the same. Those who do shld be celebrated [sic]," Haasan tweeted in reply to query from @prisilda_nancy on June 29.

Soon after his comment, a video from four years ago of an interview of his daughter and actor Shruti Haasan resurfaced online where she proudly declares herself as an Iyengar. ( caste name)

"@ikamalhaasan ur attempts to abolish caste has totally failed sir despite you not filling in the school application. Start your reform from home sir. Not filling in caste is not a solution, bring the kids up in a way they don't know their caste [sic]," tweeted Nambikai Kannan.

Some of Twitterati asked Haasan whether not filling up the caste and religion column in his daughter's school admission form alone would annihilate caste.

Haasan, in another tweet, took to wordplay to assert that he avoided wearing the sacred thread as it affected him the most. He was replying to query in Tamil on the 'nool' (thread in Tamil) that impacted him the most. "I was affected most by a 'nool' (thread) that is 'poonool' (sacred thread). So I avoided it," he tweeted.

Some also pointed out that the upper caste have the privilege of leaving caste column empty while people who avail reservation in education and jobs have to fill up their caste name.

Writer Arunan said that Haasan's argument of leaving out the caste column in the school forms blank echoes the views of those against reservation. "There is no loss to an upper caste Haasan if he leaves out the caste column blank. For others, it would be a loss. They will not get the reservation benefits," he said.

One takes the caste to next generation by marrying within their community, he said, adding that only through inter-caste marriages it could be annihilated.

Haasan while launching his political party in Madurai in February declared that his outfit was committed to politics free from games of caste and religion. He had also urged the Tamil Nadu government to follow the Kerala model of making a declaration of caste and religion optional in the school admission forms.

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