The discovery of 11 plastic pipes protruding out of the wall of the house where 11 of a family were found dead in the Sant Nagar area of North Delhi's Burari on Sunday morning has added to the chilling mystery.

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The contractor of the house when asked about why he had laid down so many pipes even though there was no water outlet from any of them said that it was Lalit who had asked him to place the pipes in such a manner. Even he had asked him why he wanted to place so many pipes to which he responded that they were supposed to act like vents.

The police are investigating the significance of the pipes, but are not altogether ruling out the occult angle.

While 77-year-old Narayan Devi, was found on the floor, with signs of strangulation, the 10 others, including Narayan Devi's daughter Pratibha, 57, sons Bhavnesh, 50, and Lalit Bhatia, 45, and their families, were found hanging from the ceiling.

Bhavnesh's wife Savita, 48, and their three children Meenu, 23, Neetu, 25, and 15-year-old Dhruv, and Lalit's wife Teena, 42, and their 15-year-old son Shivam were also hanging. Also found hanging was Pratibha's daughter Priyanka, 33, who was newly engaged and as per neighbours and relatives looking forward to her December wedding.

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Strange as the pipes looked, the stranger was their placement. While seven were facing downwards, four of them were facing straight. Moreover, two of them were placed at a distance from the rest. Seven pipes are of same size (indicating seven women in the house) and four of different (four men of the house). The two pipes which are separate could probably be indicative of the widows in the house.

The house showed no sign of forced entry. Nothing else had been moved. The gold jewellery worn by the women had been left untouched and their mobile phones and other electronic items were also all still in the home.

The only surviving member of the household was their pet dog Jacky, who had reportedly been sent to the rooftop terrace. Neighbours say he did not raise the at any point in the night.

A diary with handwritten notes was recovered from the house where 11 people were found dead by hanging on Sunday morning in the Sant Nagar area of Burari. The contents of the diary had stark similarities to the manner in which the hands and mouths of the deceased were tied and taped while the commissioning of the act. The contents also hint at a possibility of the extremely religious family indulging in occult practices. Below are the details of the contents and the ‘path the 11 followed to attain salvation:

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Pattiyan achchhe se baandhni hai.. Shoonya ke alaawa kuch nahi dikhna chahiye.. Rassi ke saath sooti chunniyan ya sari ka prayog karna hai.. (tie the tapes securely around (eyes)... Apart from ropes.. use cotton head scarf or a sari)

“Saat din baad pooja lagataar karni hai.. thoda lagan aur shraddha se.. Koi ghar me aa jaaye to agle din.. (after seven days do pray with devotion.. if someone comes to the house with more devotion)

Guruvaar ya Ravivaar ko chunein.. (select a Thursday or a Sunday)

“Bebbe khadi nahi ho sakti to alag kamre me late sakti hain.” (Reference to the matriarch (Bebbe).. she can’t stand and can be taken to a different room)

“Sabki soch ek jaisi honi chahiye.. Pehle se jyada dhridhta se.. Ye karte hi tumhare aage ke kaam dhridhta se shuru honge (we all have to think or ideate together.. with more devotion.. if we do this our goals will be achieved easily)

Madhdham roshni ka prayog karna hai (use dim light)

Haathon ki pattiyan bach jaaye to usey aankhon pe double kar lena.. (if the ropes or clothes to be tied around hands are slightly long, use the extra length bit to tape your eyes or secure your blindfold)

Muh ki patti ko bhi rumaal se double kar lena.. (apart from the piece of cloth, tape/gag your mouth with handkerchief)

Jitni dhridhta aur shraddha dikhaoge utna hi uchit phal milega.(You will achieve penance easily if you show grit and devotion)

Raatri ke 12-1 ke beech kriya karna hai. Uske pehle havan karna hai.(the task has to be done between midnight and 1 am., before that perform a religious ritual)

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The PTI news agency said that initial post-mortem reports carried out on eight of the bodies have confirmed death by hanging. The reports also say Narayan Devi died from "partial hanging" - though it is not clear why she has no rope around her neck.

The final report is still awaited.

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