The latest information from the post-mortem gives clean chit to police officials, who took Alwar lynching victim Rakbar Khan in their custody before taking him to a government hospital.

Special Correspondent

The post-mortem report says that the injuries on Rakbar's body were 12 hours old, calculated from the time of autopsy. Post-mortem was conducted at 12.44 pm on July 22. This makes the time of fatal assault on Rakbar around mid-night on Saturday night.

A call was made to police in Alwar at 12.41 am informing them of the assault on Rakbar by a lynch mob. It implies from the post-mortem report that the 12 injury marks could not have been made by police, if they entered the crime scene after the deadline for assault as defined in the autopsy examination.

Rakbar Khan, 29, was lynched in Alwar by a mob of cow vigilantes on suspicion of cattle smuggling. The post-mortem report said that Rakbar had fractured bones on one of his hands and a leg. The post-mortem report mentions 12 injury marks on Rakbar's body. One of his ribs was also broken.

Rakbar died of excessive internal bleeding that caused a shock, the post-mortem report concludes.

Special Correspondent

The Rajasthan Police has been under fire in the alleged lynching for delay in taking Khan to the hospital. A four-member panel has been constituted by the Rajasthan Police to probe whether Rakbar became a victim of police beating on the intervening night of July 20 and July 21.

Two days after Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria put the police in dock in Alwar lynching case, it has emerged that the post-mortem report may come to their rescue. However, the policemen are likely to face action for delaying medical treatment to Rakbar Khan, who died in the police's custody.

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