When 28-year-old G Bhagavan had packed his bags and was ready to leave school to join duty in a government institution 20 km away after he was transferred out.

Special Correspondent

But as he left the Government High School in Veliagaram village in Pallipat taluk of Tiruvallur district, which borders Chennai, something unexpected emerged.

Students of the rural school, who had developed a special bond with him, refused to let him go and clung on to him.

Many cried, held on to his arms, hugged him and pleaded with him to stay back at the school.

Having joined the school as an English teacher in 2014, Bhagavan was an instant hit among students for his flair and impeccable command over his language and his passion for sharing his knowledge.

As students in rural areas always find it difficult to learn English, they found comforts with Bhagavan who went out of the way to children learn the language.

"When we heard that he has been transferred away from our children, we were not happy either. Our children had learnt good English through him and we want them to excel in the language. Hence, we all decided to go to the school on his last day on Tuesday and refused to let him go out of the school," Bharathi, a parent, said.

After pictures of the teary-eyed students pleading with the teacher went viral in social media , the education department has put the transfer order on hold for now.

"He joined the school in 2014 and since then has been the most popular teacher here. Unlike schools in urban areas, the institution in rural areas are almost an extension of homes. Students developed excellent bonds with the teacher and hence they did not want him to go out of the school," A Aravind, the principal of the high school, told DH.

Bhagavan said he was really moved by the love and affection shown by the students. "After seeing children crying, I also broke down. I never expected such love from the students," he said.

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