Gujrat High Court on Friday confirmed life sentence handed to 19 in in Ode massacre case that took place in Anand district, Gujarat on 1 march 2002.

Special Correspondent

The bench acquitted three and also confirmed acquittal of 23 of the 47 accused.

Two days after the Godhra train carnage, 23 Muslims were burned alive in the Ode massacre in Anand district of central Gujarat.

The SIT court in 2012 held 23 out of 47 guilty. Ode massacre case is one of the nine major riots cases which were handed over the Supreme Court appointed SIT for further investigation.

The convicts had challenged the lower court's decision in the High Court. The SIT also moved the court, challenging the acquittals in the case and demanding enhancement of sentences of five convicts who got seven years in jail.

The SIT has also sought capital punishment for all the accused found guilty of murder.