The central government is considering a major change in the allocation of services to successful candidates of civil services examination. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has asked the department concerned to examine if the services can be allocated after the completion of foundation course, according to an official communique.

Special Correspondent

The duration of foundation course for officers of almost all the services is three months. At present, service allocation to the candidates selected on the basis of civil services examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is made well before the commencement of the foundation course.

The PMO has desired to examine if service allocation/cadre allocation to probationers selected on the basis of the examination can be made after foundation course, as per the communication sent by the Personnel Ministry to different cadre-controlling authorities. The Congress today alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "main objective is to destroy institutions" as it opposed the proposed changes in the civil services allocation.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala called the move ‘MODI-Main Objective to Destroy Institutions’. "Modiji has unleashed a sinister proposal to destroy the All India Civil Services Merit! Adding ‘Foundation Marks’ will demolish UPSC’s merit list giving leeway to executive to tamper the merit as per their whims. Unpardonable!" said Surjewala on Twitter. Surejwala also shared a copy of the proposal, which can be seen below:

Congress leader Anand Sharma at a press conference later on May 21 said, “We have very clear rules framed under the constitution. Those who are short listed are given choice as per merit. Accordingly, people are given their cadre.

This government, which runs the PMO on whims and fancies, has chosen to interfere with and compromise the neutrality of India’s civil services. It is a deliberate violation. I am warning them not to destroy the structure, not to undermine the institution. The proposed cadre allotment of IAS/ IPS on the merit of foundation course is saffronisation of bureaucracy, on the direction of RSS.” Sharma added that Congress would raise the issue in Parliament.