Two fresh videos of teasing and assaulting young girls by a group of men surfaced in Bihar's Gaya district on Monday.

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With these videos, the total number of such videos that have surfaced in Bihar in less than a month is four, sending the state government in a tizzy over it. The cops said stricter actions, speedy trials and other strategy will be devised to tackle it in the coming days.

Both videos have surfaced in Gaya district and SSP Rajiv Kumar Mishra said a probe had been ordered into both videos. "The victim and some others in one of the videos have been identified. We have instructed the respective police station to take quick action in the matter. Two persons, whose faces are visible in one of the videos, have been arrested in connection with it," he said.

In the first video, seven-eight boys are seen inappropriately touching a young girl, removing her 'dupatta', slapping her and overpowering her. A boy, who tries to save her saying she was his friend, is slapped and kicked and seriously injured by the criminals, including an aged man.

One of the criminals is heard saying that the girl should be filmed and the video made viral on WhatsApp messenger. "It has been found that the girl was visiting with her friend and local people started misbehaving with them," the SSP said.

The second video shows another girl apprehended by a group of boys, who are trying to touch and push her. A boy requests them to leave her as she is known to him and tries to rescue her by walking her some distance, but the criminals follow them on motorbike and are heard using derogatory words for the girl.

Sources said the viral videos are of last week, but the victims did not come forward for the fear of getting in to legal hurdles.

Special Correspondent

A senior officer of the Bihar Police said it was alarming that four videos had surfaced in the state within a month. "We need to put in place some strategies, which will help put a curb on such incidents. The help of IT experts will also be taken," he said.

Earlier on May 12, a video had gone viral in Bihar in which a boy was seen raping a young girl, while others were watching and one of them was capturing the heinous act on a cellphone. The girl has been identified and two persons were arrested in connection with it from Patna's Naubatpur area. A police team is likely to head for Gujarat in search of the other accused in the matter.

The first such incident of teasing and molestation had surfaced in Bihar on April 26, in which a minor girl was being disrobed in Jehanabad by a group of men even as she pleaded with them to have mercy on her, shocking the entire nation. The Jehanabad police was later able to identify the victim and had rounded up eight persons in connection with the crime.