"I fainted when Army Major Leetul Gogoi barged into our house one night and started enquiring about our well-being. He was accompanied by another man and both were in civilian clothes. Later I came to know that the man accompanying Gogoi was Sameer Mala from Lokipora Poshkar", Naseema, the mother of the local girl (name withheld) who was briefly detained by police along with Gogoi at a Srinagar hotel said.

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Naseema broke her silence after hundreds of people including scribes from neighboring areas approached her to know the story of her daughter. She hails from Check-e-Kawoosa village of Budgam district. Naseema lives in a shabby tinshed (after her house was washed away in 2014 floods) with her husband and four children, the girl in question being the eldest one.

Major Gogoi was taken to the police station yesterday after an altercation with locals. It started after he allegedly 'tried to check' into a hotel with a local girl. The police have appointed Srinagar north zone SP Sajad Shah to probe the incident and Gogoi has been sent back to his camp in Budgam.

"I have three little children while my only daughter is 17. It was in March when suddenly one night Major Gogai along with Sameer Malla, who also is a soldier, entered our house. I got scared and fainted. Gogoi enquired about our well-being and left the place," Naseema said.

She said both Major Gogoi and Malla frequently entered our house in the wee hours. The mere presence of Gogoi sent chills down my spine. Sameer used to converse with my daughter. I grew doubtful but never thought she would be detained with the Gogoi in a hotel," she said.

Naseema blames Sameer for all that has happened. "It was Sameer who brought Major Gogoi into my house and started luring my daughter. she informed me about visiting Narbal branch of Jammu & Kashmir Bank on Wednesday morning but it came as a shock to me when the local sarpanch received a phone call from police station informing about my daughter being detained for questioning," she said.

Earlier Police said that they got a call from the hotel around 11 am about an altercation at the hotel. The altercation took place after the hotel management allegedly refused to let the major and the girl stay at the hotel.

Police said that another man identified as Sameer was accompanying Gogoi and the girl. The trio was taken to the police station and questioned.

"Major Gogoi along with a local Kashmiri boy and a girl from Budgam district, where the major is also posted, reached the hotel. They had an altercation with the hotel staff at the reception as the staff didn't allow them to stay together," said a police official.

A probe has now been ordered by the police in the case. "A probe by SP North City (Srinagar) has been ordered in the case," said SP Pani, a senior officer of the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Pani added that the major's unit was informed about the incident immediately after.

In April 2017, Major Leetul Gogoi had tied a civilian Farooq Ahmad Dar of Chill-Brass village in Budgam to the bonnet of his jeep on the day of Srinagar Parliamentary elections. So far there has been no statement from the army on the issue.