Public exchequer of humongous amounts of revenue got cheated as the illegal iron ore mining and export scam in Karnataka during 2006-10 illegal mining took place in Ballari district and the exports were made from ports in Goa and Andhra Pradesh and from Mangaluru.

Special Correspondent

About 12.57 crore metric tonnes of ore, estimated to be worth Rs 25,000-35,000 crore, was illegally exported through the ports.

Former Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santhosh Hegde, who first investigated the scam, had documented all the illega ­lities, with bills and other supporting evidence.

The mountains of evidence have now been dismissed as molehills by the CBI. Justice Hegde has himself expressed shock over the CBI not finding any evidence and closing the case.

He has asked if lakhs of tonnes of ore were not shipped away, how all of it disappeared and who is answerable for it.

Justice Hegde's investigation is celebrated as among the most honest, exhaustive and painstaking of probes held into such murky matters.

All the wrongdoing that he found and recorded in meticulous detail has gone down the CBI's drain. His question whether anybody can explain it has only invited a loud silence.

The only explanation is that the CBI did not want to see the evidence. Janardhan Reddy belonged to the BJP that rules the Centre now.

During demonetisation when India public were standing in queues., Invitations cards got TFT screen costing approx 2000 each., Reddy family celebrated 50,000 guests participated, 650 crores spend wedding extravaganza that raised eyebrows across India been witnessed with the media galore.

The Reddy brothers and their riches mock the very purpose of black money and with respect to trial of scams for ruling party members as supreme court pointed it CBI ever remains the caged bird of India.