Popular south Indian actor Prakash Raj has served a legal notice to BJP MP Pratap Simha and warns of criminal action if he doesn’t apologise after he allegedly trolled him thereby causing disruption to his personal life.

Special Correspondent

“I have sent a legal notice to Mr. Pratap Simha BJP Mysuru MP, as a citizen of this country for the way he has trolled me which has disturbed my personal life. I am asking him to answer legally & if he doesn’t, I will be taking criminal action against him,” Prakash Raj said.

Raj told reporters on Thursday that Simha began to troll him after he slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh while calling the latter a better actor than him.

The BJP MP in question had allegedly said that Prakash Raj was running after a dancer when his son died. This, according to Raj, made his personal life very disturbing.

“When I ask questions about politics, you cannot troll a person based on speculative stories,” he said.