Hadiya, the 24-year-old woman from Kerala whose decision to convert to Islam and marry her lover is at the centre of a legal debate over individual liberty, said on Wednesday that she is “not free”, renewing an appeal to be allowed to meet her husband.

Special Correspondent

“I asked for freedom from court. I wanted to meet my husband but the fact is that I’m not free till now and that’s the truth,” she said, speaking to reporters.

“I am demanding basic rights that every Indian citizen has. It has nothing to do with politics or caste. All I want is to talk to people I like”.

Hadiya deposed before the Supreme Court on Monday, where she told judges : “I want freedom… I want to complete my studies and live my life according to my faith and as a good citizen”.

KM Ashokan said his daughter Hadiya wanted to go to Syria after converting to Islam but had no idea about what it entailed.

“Hadiya does not have any idea about Syria, where she wanted to go after converting to Islam,” Ashokan said.

“I cannot have a terrorist in the family,” he added.

Asked about his stance on inter-religious marriages, Ashokan said he believed in one religion and one god.

On Monday, the Supreme Court freed Hadiya, 24, alleged to be a victim of ‘love jihad’, from the custody of her parents and sent her to college to pursue her studies, even as she pleaded that she should be allowed to go with her husband Shafin Jahan.

Hadiya case creating legal debates across social media demanding fundamental rights to be given to women.