The Agra Police have registered a case against 60 people under the Arms Act late Saturday night after a widely shared video showed Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists firing in the open near Agra fort to celebrate Vijay Dashami.

Special Correspondent

The celebratory firing took place after ‘shastra pujan’ (worship of arms) associated with Vijay Dashami.The VHP and Bajrang Dal activists had guns, pistols and swords and raised slogans in favour of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Some allegedly raised objectionable slogans too, targeting the minority community.

“The matter has come to our notice and the way firing has been done in open at venue so near to tourist place of Agra Fort makes the matter serious and calls for action. Those responsible for making inflammatory religious remarks and firing in open would be identified and would be booked in a case being registered,” Agra superintendent of police (SP) Kunwar Anupam Singh had said Saturday night.

“The video and photographs available would be worked upon to identify the accused and action would follow,” he said.

The VHP insists it did not violate the law. Sunil Parashar, local VHP leader said, “The firing was within the temple complex and not at any public place. Shastra pujan, associated with Vijay Dashami was also held at the Hanuman Temple, located far away from Agra Fort, which is frequented by tourists. So there was nothing objectionable.”

Last year during festival celebaration Hindu leader in tamilnadu Arjun sampath displayed his picture on facebook workshipping gun in Puja that has been widely critised in social media and following compaint local police station constable found tranfered but no case been registered against Hindu leader.

Senior legal experts warns that such gun culture is new and to be stopped at intial bid else takes society to new path.