A group of men was allegedly assaulted by so-called cow protection groups in Old Faridabad on Friday, the latest in a string of attacks by right-wing Hindu groups on people over suspicions that they may be selling or consuming cow meat.

Special Correspondent

“We were beaten by wooden sticks. told to raise slogans like ‘gau mata ki jai’ (hail the cow mother) and hanuman ki jai (hail hanuman) which we refused”, said Azad, who was one of the people got beaten up . Three of the four victims appeared to be Muslims.

He added that the assault continued even after the policemen arrived on the scene.

“We have registered a case under sections of Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act Act against Asad, Shehzad, Shakeel and Sonu”, said ACP Mujesar Radhey Shyam.

The officer said another FIR has been registered under sections of rioting, causing hurt and criminal intimidation against 15-20 unknown people.

Azad, being treated for his injuries at a hospital, said he and his accomplices buy meat from the Fatehpur Tageh area and sell it in the Old Faridabad meat market.

“We sell buffalo meat in Old Faridabad market and we do this every day,” he said, denying they were carrying cow meat.

PM and the supreme court condemned people who attack others in the name of cow protection. Killing of cows and consumption of its meat is illegal in Haryana, but the law does not mention buffalos and also India under BJP rule is the largest exporter of buffalo meat in the word.