Lt Governor of Puducherry tweeted “Spirit of Deepavali at tender age of 97. She’s mother of @narendramodi (Hiraben Modi -1920) celebrating Diwali at her own home".

Special Correspondent

"She thanked Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, for sharing the video. After all which, she realised that the woman in the video was after all, not the Prime Minister’s mother.

The short 50-second clip that Bedi shared on the micro-blogging site shows an old and frail but energetic elderly woman in a white sari dancing inside a room dancing to the popular “Indhana Vinvaa Gayi Thi More Saiyan”.

Realising her mistake soon after, Bedi posted a correction as well, notifying it to Sadhguru as well.

However noted of this over reaction micro bloggers trolled her and advised her to stay at foot and do not meddle with elected representatives work in puducherry.