Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to not “demon-etise’ Tamil cinema. joining senior colleague P Chidambaram in weighing in on the controversy around Tamil film Mersal that is under fire for criticising key decisions made by the Prime Minister and his colleagues.

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Earlier, Chidambaram had said: “Notice to film makers: Law is coming, you can only make documentaries praising government’s policies,” in a post from his Twitter handle @PChidambaram_IN.

BJP Minster Radhakrishan and State TN President Tamilisai demands deletion of dialogues in 'Mersal'.

Leaders of the BJP, particularly from the Tamil Nadu units, have said that scenes from the movie criticising the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout and the Digital India campaign must be removed since they are inaccurate.

Parakasthi, referred to by Chidambaram, was a famous Tamil movie released in the 1950’s that had among its themes a strong criticism of social traditions especially by upper caste Hindu Tamilians.

Actor Kushbo , Actor kamal Hasan Rajini starred kabalai block buster director Pa.ranjith all criticised BJP demand of deletion of GST , demonetisation dialogues scripted in Mersal movie.

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