Irma is the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, and caused widespread destruction on several Caribbean islands.

Special Correspondent

Cuba : at least 10 people were killed by the storm on the island, officials say. Three quarters of the population are without power.

St Martin and St Barthelemy : Six out of 10 homes on St Martin, an island shared between France and the Netherlands, are now uninhabitable, French officials say. Nine people had died and seven were missing in the French territories, while four are known to have died in Dutch Sint-Maarten.

Turks and Caicos Islands : Widespread damage, although extent unclear.

Barbuda: The small island is said to be "barely habitable", with 95% of the buildings damaged. One death has been confirmed.

Anguilla : Extensive damage with one person confirmed dead

Puerto Rico : More than 6,000 residents of the US territory are in shelters and many more without power. At least three people have died.

British Virgin Islands : Widespread damage reported, and five dead.

US Virgin Islands : Damage to infrastructure was said to be widespread, with four deaths confirmed.