The rise of Narendra Modi is victory for Rss advocated Hindutva Polices in 2014, India believed his promise for bringing black money but sadly his three year governance has not pushed any major reforms but only India witnessing changing names of existing system from English word Planning Commission to Hindi Niti Aayog etc.,

Special Correspondent

The tsunami of demonetisation has not only yielded 50% less dividend for RBI to government but also continuous fall of GDP came in open galore . The GST implemented on July 1st 2017 but failed to take off till date and extensions after extensions been given in the name of minor technical glitches by Finance Minister .

After three years the fall in in Exports , Imports GDP Foreign Investors in Indian Stocks , Increase in Trade Gap , SME sector downfall ., etc in nut shell all coordinates in economics downfall and especially world largest GST rates and highest petrol prices even when crude prices dropped drastically make people of India to think .. Is Manmohan Singh rule far better than Modi ?!

Author attributes below timeline could foresee further worst is on the way for Narendra Modi Government .

August 9 : A resounding rebuff from the Election Commission during Ahmed Patel‘s re-election to the Rajya Sabha.

August 24 : An unambiguous 9-0 unanimous signal from the Supreme Court: privacy is a fundamental right of every Indian citizen.

August 26 : A stinging certificate of failure from the Reserve Bank of India on the November 8 demonetisation.

August 26 : Timely reminder from Punjab & Haryana high court that “PM is of India, not of BJP” after handling of riots post Baba Ram Rahim conviction.

August 28 : An embarrassing withdrawal from Doklam after the two-month-long standoff with China.

August 28 : Aravind Kejriwal come back and AAP won by a margin of 24052 votes in Delhi that send shock waves across BJP camp.

August 30 : RBI announcing that GDP growth rate has slipped to its lowest in three years, plunging to 5.7 per cent.

August 30 : Anna Hazare, the RSS’s secret signal man, threatens to restart his stir for a Lokpal in Delhi after 39 months of non-action.

September 5-12 : A thorough repudiation of the politics of hatred and intolerance by citizens following the killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh.

September 10 : BJP president Amit Shah exhorts the youth not to “blindly believe anti-BJP propaganda being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp”.

September 11 : UN high commissioner for human rights expresses “dismay over increasing intolerance towards religious and broader minorities”.

September 13 : BJP-backed students’ union ABVP handed a crushing defeat in the Delhi University Students Union elections.

September 13 : The RSS has “alerted the Modi government to signs of a shift in the public mood over the Modi government’s performance”.

September 14 : PM Modi's 1.08 lakhs crores pet bullet train project been ridiculed by their own ally Shiva Sena.

So where the present governance heeding from here and it is also to be noted that notification for general election is due in another 16 months.