Mumbai Indians star cricketer Harbhajan Singh who became the 19th bowler and third Indian to pick 200 wickets in Twenty20 cricket.

Harbhajan has accused a Jet Airways pilot of racism and has demanded a strict action against him. He also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to look into the matter.

Harbhajan reacted to an incident on a Jet Airways flight in which his friend and Punjabi music director Jatinder Shah and Pooja Singh Gujral were traveling from Chandigarh to Mumbai on April 3.

Special Correspondent

Harbhajan said: “A friend of mine told me that this incident happened to her while she was flying from Chandigarh to Mumbai along with a very dear friend of mine, Jitender Shah, who is a Punjabi music director, who is also physically disabled”. Indian spinner made scathing accusations against the pilot and said: “He physically assaulted a lady and abused a physically-challenged man.”

“I would like all the Indians to stand united against racism.You can’t tell us ‘Bloody Indians’, we are proud Indians. He (the pilot) is no one to tell us who we are and what we do. He is earning in our country, he just can’t tell what he feels what so ever.” Harbhajan requested.

Also Pooja Singh Gujral, in a post on Facebook, narrated the ordeal she faced in the flight.

Meanwhile, Jet Airways, in a statement, said: “The pilot has been de-rostered pending investigation since the time we got to know. We take a very serious view of such issues.”

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