Today Bjp President Amit Shah is to attend BJP's meeting in Chennai, Tamilnadu to discuss the preparations for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Special Correspondent

Prior BJP President Amit Shah's arrival in Chennai on Monday, the hashtag #GoBackAmitShah is trending on Twitter on a national level.

@iam_jafeth, a Twitter user tweeted, “Tamil Nadu is the land of equality we won't allow terrorist like you.” #GobackAmitshah (sic)"

@piraikannan tweeted: @AmitShah it's Tamil Nadu not India., We are not accepting Democratic gamblers.

@dr_madras tweeted: “Did Amit Shah comment on Tuticorin shootings? Doesn’t he have a moral responsibility as a national party president?! #GoBackAmitShah

Srikanth sarma@srikant0009 tweeted: “Demonetisation scamster go back”.

Special Correspondent

Many users expressed their disapproval in Shah's visit through their tweets.

Recently, in April, #GoBackModi was trending during the PM's visit to Chennai.

At that time People were enraged over his silence on constituting the Cauvery Management Board.

Special Correspondent

This time the delay in verdict of 18 ADMK MLA case for more than 10 months., Tuticorin innocent 13 tamil people killed in police firing over sterlite plant closure issue., 8 Lane road (salem chennai) farmers agitation for not giving up their land are the reasons perturbed by tamils in tweets.

Special Correspondent

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