Will the aspirations of OPS to become CM can materialise ?!

Sasikala Group MPs, MLAs now openly started accusing using OPS and media BJP breaking ADMK .   


Jayalalithaa misappropriate wealth case ( JAYADACASE) Supreme court verdict on 14/2/2017 not only given huge blow to Jayalalitha carefully built Iron lady image but also collapsed the Chief Minister dreams of her 33 years close friend Sasikala .

With out reading the contents of verdict in which Supreme Court Judge has clearly said using the corrupt money that is misappropriate to the income of Accused 1 Jayalalitha the Accused A2 Sasikala and A3 , A4 amassed wealth , and therefore ordered to attach not only properties but also put 100 Crores fine to Jayalalithaa and all others 10 cores each., the ADMK cadres bursted crackers ., distributed sweets and danced in Streets that has become laughing stock in Social media.

However Indirectly the sequence of events of OPS Camps has given ADMK cadres tilt towards Sasikala camp claims C.R Sarawathi Spokes Person of ADMK who is staunch supporter of Sasikala Group .

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C.R Sarawathi now questions ., how come OPS group can burst crackers , distribute sweets and eat biriyani when Supreme Court Judges have restored Judge Gunha Verdict and deleted Judge Kumarasamy Verdict that absolved Jayalalithaa . She further claim this OPS stand sadden her personally and this found no fitting answer from OPS camps .

The support of Deepa to OPS camp at the night hours on the day of verdict did not cut much ice . Deepa welcomed the verdict and said it is good corrupted persons get punished and thus she directly admitting her aunt Jayalalithaa conviction . This basic unawareness of Deepa has become height of mocking memes that went viral with in hours .

After Highcourt ordered to find the status of MLAs in resorts who been wildly claimed as captive ., the kancheepuram collector ordered inquiry on one to one basics of MLA and then submitted report to Chennai Highcourt on 13/2/2014 ., in that it reported 119 MLAs been present in two resorts on their own that has send huge set back to OPS camp .

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But what is worrisome to OPS faction is even after this report so far only two MLAs switched to OPS faction. On the date of Sasikala Surrender ., Women MLAs 11 members in Sasikala Camp inclusive two women ministers Dr. V. SarojaMinister for Social Welfare and Dr Nilofer kafeel Minister for Labour in Kovathur issued Joint statement and requested Tamilnadu Governor to administer oath to their elected leader Edapadi Palanisamy.

Elected law makers of Sasikala camp inside Kuvathur camp argued with police there and said in open media with out the governor calling their leader Edapadi Palanisamy to administer oath they will not come out of Resort .

Tanga Tamilselvan Theni district MLA who hails from the native land of O.Pannir selvam Tamilnadu alleges Police under Care taker Government now putting false cases against their leader Sasikala and elected leader of the floor Edapadi Palanisami and threatening them (MLAs) by deploying huge armed police men inside resorts.

Last week midnight meditation coup by O.Pannir Selam against Sasikala bought euphoria but that did not last long in OPS faction and their numbers stuck with 10 MLAs and 12 MPs even after Sasikala been send to Prison .

In this stalemate condition that created uncertainty in administration ., not only DMK Party opposition Leader M.K Stalin but Law Experts and Political analysts says it is time for the Governor to act .

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