The debacle of Team India losing the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 at the hands of arch rival Pakistan has had its cascading effect . Earlier Guha has left the bombshell and now kumble gone but what the Supreme court appointed Ex CAG Padma award winner head Vinod rai is doing inside BCCI questions angrily netizens in social media

There were only some whispers that he may not continue with the team, and even those quietened down once BCCI declared that Kumble would go to the West Indies with the team.

The former Indian captain and spinner had led the team for a little over a year as the Head coach but decided not to travel with the team to West Indies where the Men in Blue are scheduled to play five ODIs and T20I.

Special Correspondent

Surprised by the goggly Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not made any confirmation as of now but Anil Kumble made his stamp very clearly and is definitely out of the race for the position of coach.

There were reportedly rifts between coach Anil Kumble and Team India Captain Virat Kohli. netizens is not very happy with the decision and is forecasting the downfall of Virat Kohli and Indian cricket.

The official reason given for Anil Kumble’s absence from accompanying the team to West Indies was ICC Annual conference which started from Monday June 19, 2017 and will continue till June 23. Anil Kumble is the chairman of Cricket Committee and needs to take calls on laws and regulations of the game.

The issue of differences between Kumble and Kohlispawned just before the ICC Champions Trophy, and while everyone ranging from former players to Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials to even Kohli had something to say on this, Kumble kept stoically silent throughout the period.

The astute captain and coach in Kumble waited till the team had taken off and were well away in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean before let off the bombshell in the shape of a well-considered and prepared statement.

Even then, he did not call a press conference or leave himself open to questions. At the same time, he was categorical in his criticism of Kohli.

The timing was perfect in the sense that even if Kohli wanted to respond, he would only be able to do so once he reached the West Indies, a good 10 hours' flying time away, and then some.

The master tactician bowled a over, which left not only batsman like Kohli struggling but Ex CAG vinod rai the supreme court appointee got clean bowled.

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