Presidential elections "Advantage BJP"

RSS can do only a lesser role ,considering the clout the duos acquired thanks to the huge sweep of UP elections   

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The President of India is elected by an electoral college that's formed by 776 parliamentarians and 4,120 legislators. The total strength of the electoral college is 10,98,882 votes and the halfway mark is 5,49,442 votes.

The BJP's electoral victory in Uttar Pradesh drastically impact on the next Presidential elections in July when President Pranab Mukherjee completes his term.

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For National Democratic Alliance (NDA) the path to having its nominee elected as the next President has become much easier after the BJP and its allies won.

325 lawmakers in UP,
57 in Uttarakhand,
21 in Manipur,
13 in Goa,

The NDA is now short of only about 30000 votes and BJP functionaries are confident that they can match this gap and predict an easy win for their choice of presidential candidate.

The Electoral victory has given advantage for Modi and Amit shah combine the power of choice of their candidate to their choice and their parent organisation RSS can do only a lesser role, considering the clout the duos acquired thanks to the huge sweep of UP elections.

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